Impacts Review

During 2013, Speke Adventure Playground undertook a comprehensive consultation and impact review to raise awareness, measure performance, evidence need and to establish a baseline from which the Charity can grow.

The review was undertaken with partners, parents, volunteers, staff and young people were data was collected through questionnaires, focus groups, feedback boards and testimonies.  A detailed summary of the report can be viewed here, but in brief the key messages were as follows:

Young People




In conclusion the findings showed that local partners, parents and young people all value the services we provide and recognise the role we play in supporting community cohesion, increasing self confidence and well-being in local children, providing a wanted and much needed service, preventing isolation and helping to deter anti-social behaviour through diversionary activities. Key aspirations for the future across all groups can best be summarised as:

  • Extend opening hours
  • More access and diversity in the activities and services provided
  • New/improved outdoor equipment
  • Increase staffing
  • Increase funding

SAP Footer with kids